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Nanjing Central Hotel (Central Hotel Nanjing), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Dans le même temps, à proximité immédiate de la culture de la République du Yangtsé, vous permet de connaître la prospérité de la dynastie Nanjing aujourd 'hui, mais aussi la culture de la République d' autrefois.Hotel de l 'universLe restaurant original sans ajout vous permet de profiter de l 'art nouveau de la gastronomie.Noble et élégant Yun restaurant a plus d 'un environnement privé de chambres d' hôtes de luxe, de fournir de la cuisine Huaiyang, de la cuisine cantonaise classique.La cuisine chinoise et occidentale est intégrée dans le restaurant de la baie de gtong, et les petits plats de Nanjing sont encore plus populaires.Hotel de l 'EuropeAfin de découvrir les besoins des visiteurs, de créer un sentiment de chaleur chez vous, de sorte que vous avez une parfaite Expérience d 'accueil.
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  • allan303
    Birthday cakes and noodles are the hotel guests
  • juliaxl99
    Good choice next time!
  • gracefang2005
    Free upgrade to Executive room, service is OK, is the room too small, washing Seto, supplies the best to improve the grade point.
  • barbara0610
    Service is very good, room environment as well. locations in xinjiekou, is very convenient.
  • ewatang
    Service is good
  • CJ33223313
    Close to Metro very convenient, very clean, Virgo fanatic I live very comfortable. waiters are super attentive. next time to stay here.
  • D01124885
    Often, you can.
  • candycandy0212
    Service is really good, room decoration not work however.
  • dybmmmmm
    Nanjing Hotel, very good location, hotel is newly renovated, newer equipment, services is very hard, the disadvantage is that the hotel small, development potential, and room size was small, this is the knot of old house renovation. in short, this is a worthy hotel,
  • aaiaaj
    In an alley, and later learned is home owned by hotel. the hotel itself was nice, very clean and comfortable facilities, a good price-performance ratio.
  • dinoleecnccb
    Very good, nice room also has free upgrades
  • lilinde001
    Yes, service.
  • wowo~
    Very clean, convenient
  • davilee7607
    Overall, booking for others, not for specific services
  • candy945
    Never met the evaluation service, double bed very small, bed with 6-year-olds could not only slept on, next time will not
  • lynlyn
    Experience is perfect, front desk for we handle staying procedures of Chen Xiang is kind service also thoughtful, help we upgrade has room also sent has glasses cloth and Nanjing tourism guide. early restaurant in four floor, environment elegant dining of number also is more of, thanks Dong Chunhong foreman for I sent ginger take meal, learned that we from field to also deliberately sent Shang Nanjing specialty brine duck and Yuhua dumplings. also has rooms of Gu Hongying sister, is carefully is thoughtful, just into room on to we sent to has free of beverage, stayAnd Wu Chahua sister helped us during drying washed clothes, saw them leave a small note was really touched. hotel is very good, very memorable, and will come again next time.
  • fangyi95
    T square and xinjiekou subway station is opposite the hotel, convenient. still sent the guide map and travel guide, coincides with my birthday during their stay, the hotel also sent a birthday cake! so sweet!
  • anny1972
    Hotel service, exquisite hardware, facilities were very good, very satisfied, very clean ... praise! Hotel was refurbished, and pretend to be very delicate, elegant, the overall design is modern Japanese-style decoration, so the room is too small, the feeling of a Hong Kong Hotel. Transportation is convenient, at xinjiekou subway station near. just lobby not toward the road, I just stay cool and rain that night was the biggest this year in Nanjing, around a circle, very distressed. the Greek Cypriot sideLook behind the friend noted.
  • Alex_Xin
    Said truth, software service really of is good, room health good, parking service also is good, see we car dirty, specifically to free wash has car, to people impression deep, very satisfaction! but after all is old hotel, hardware problem many. elevator clip people, 3 building within smell fume taste, 371 room Xia pipes returned smelly, these should are is can solution of problem, hope next live Shi no longer encountered also problem.
  • jjbaby-0929
    Service is very good, plus the money to upgrade the Executive room, super comfortable. home away from home feeling, recommend this hotel
  • jiang yang
    Hotel is great, very nice and took the luggage Concierge, was resolved when the enthusiasm, and I clean the lobby Manager Zhou sent maps, formulas and eyes are very practical, Butler sent WADA Manager Xie Jiufang children slippers, toothbrushes, hot was too warm, Cao service very good, parking lots, and continued to stay at the hotel
  • aaf777
    Hotel is located in downtown, around traffic is convenient, 1, Line 2 line xinjiekou station 7th, mouth out through Techi square opposite is, hotel fa?ade somewhat old not too conspicuous, location perfect, service attitude super good, I set of administrative room, room area is too small, than past live of other five-star hotel General room are small, hardware facilities also line, clean of girl good fraternity, help I folding has a? good cute, self breakfast varieties somewhat less, people many need,, General also is notWrong again!
  • d00988175
    Find car wash a car! so sweet!?
  • eddie78
    Hotel was clean and comfortable, the location is very convenient, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • Haikushilan
    Good location, rooms small. There is an unpleasant thing, I consulted the swimming pool is available in advance, came downstairs to swimming after getting the answer, only to find the doors closed and was told two days before the event, is still clean. after the Manager's apology and compensation for breakfast ... but still unpleasant.
  • summer0326
    Hotel was great, great services. location is also very convenient, located near xinjiekou. a fly in the ointment, the room is small, and few changes for breakfast.
  • Ariane
    Friendly, convenient and the rooms were not very new but very nice
  • crystalgan
    Which is very nice.
  • aboxiaoyu
    Very good stay, not dissatisfied, very good, very good!
  • linyingsun
    Hotel in good location, very convenient. don't say it services, especially Captain Tung and Yang horses in a buffet, Table Manager, had active foam on my stomach made a warm stomach, black tea, help take meals and medicine. before leaving Nanjing, also told me sooner or later, particularly large temperature difference between warm, service really is too intimate and will stay again.
  • jiansser
    Around environment good of traffic also very convenience. hotel opposite is Techi square, eating play are is convenient. hotel price compared good. area not is big, but service very good. came in on has luggage Member small Jiang help we pulled luggage, wipe clean box. reception of small check sent has map and Metro travel introduction. enthusiasm service, friendly reception. hotel recently launched micro-customer service, sent micro-letter solution some problem. also is is convenient. Butler type of service, also is is intimate of. Tong Fangping tubeEasy-going, sent us a hot, fold small animals. City Center area seems to have been little, if spelling services, here is recommended.
  • jim071109
    Hotel comfort and hospitality services, car wash service to people's surprise, thank you Bian Shifu.
  • BB Pearl
    That's good
  • e00048125
    Hotel service is not very good but because it is an old hotel rooms redecorated the room size is a bit small other perfect.
  • lalatony1973
    This is a staying feel very good of hotel, first service attitude special good, staying Shi front desk found we live of time compared long, free upgrade has administrative room, also patience explained various room of difference for select; Butler wearing Mr is locals, he to we detailed introduced has Nanjing attractions and traffic, also left has card to at any time Advisory; each a customer service personnel are is enthusiasm, responsive, has asked will answer; last check out front desk also active asked whether need taxi and carefully doesRecognize destinations, in short, makes it a very warm heart. followed exceptionally good location, hotel is located in the xinjiekou business district opposite the t square, traffic is very convenient for shopping and eating; and most importantly be naozhongqujing, although we live in the room, but Windows is trees, everywhere green, quiet, really quiet, it does not affect the rest.
  • starxyu
    All right
  • luascloud
    Service is very good, room was a bit small
  • e00005365
    Nice service is also very good
  • Fukushima Daiichi unit lush
    See network assessment staying of, location of superiority natural not said. hotel in Techi square are opposite. luxury lined. handle staying reception of small check attitude good, service enthusiasm, to we sent has supporting of play guide also has map. small check told we hotel is downtown of old hotel, floors not is high, but has special of hollow garden restaurant. returned to we recommended for of room, area big and decoration new of. is personalized service. rarely necessarily service, also with we fieldVisit room, let we select. such how can not let we satisfaction room facilities and hotel service does? room need, clean, out dinner back see room inside also has Tong Fangping Butler to we stack of small animal, is cute, such of with towel stack out of animal also is in Bali of hotel see had. didn't thought Nanjing also has. really of is is surprise is intimate. next also will consider staying.
  • lotuser
    Coincides with the national staying Center big hotel, front desk rooms service active enthusiasm, specially designed for we provides has tourism rules of figure, convenient has we better of travel. first for we the service personnel give praised about, thanks front desk Wan Peng and Chen Xiang small guy was taken by our, to I arrangements room let I satisfaction, night back put in bathroom wet clothes has been was thanks Butler took to dry has, also has bed Shang stack of elephant lifelike, Li Junshi Bo put I clothes NET hot good, sent back room. trace moved, breakfast FengRich, full range, thank you young Dong Zhoudao hospitality, thank the Manager for my computer ... next time required.
  • e02370511
    Services are particularly good, free upgrade to Executive room after arrival, Butler service was not the same, every day there are new surprises
  • LEETON2010
    As a veteran five-star hotel, service really is good. Administrative room of room Yu five-star hotel of this signs words does small has points. but through reasonable of design make up has space of insufficient. trip live has two days, first days check in of when, front desk will ahead of told Hotel part floors just decoration finished, will effect staying feel, and sent has I Hotel Home of glasses cloth and afternoon tea coupons. to room Hou, floors Butler Zhong m is kind has courtesy, for ISent to has humidifier and welcomes beverage, and enthusiasm of for I introduced around good place, also will in I of ash cylinder in put a Zhang dip has water of tissue, above also wrote with smoking harmful health Oh. then lobby Manager and calls greeting. room within dining of speed and taste are good, although out has is small episode, but that are not thing. room day will to clean two times, and waiter also will with towel stack into small animal. wants to wrote of also has many many, anyway, next to Nanjing, mustRooms at Central Hotel! praise praise praise!
  • anxiang8523
    Stayed this hotel for the first time, into an elevator with aunt enthusiastic, take me to my room, card access, good enthusiasm, entered the room and found there was a small balcony, surprise, the room was clean, the layout is reasonable, I enjoy it very much.
  • bobxu1972
    Hotel service really level rod, Butler Xie Jiufang enthusiasm and carefully, just into room on to sent to has free beverage, returned to introduced room some items of placed, left has card told we has any need can at any time contact she, really of like one friends as kind, meticulous. cafeteria in four floor, we a everyone child to dining, Dong Chunhong led deliberately arrangements we sat in near take meal of location, active for elderly provides cushion, take meal also deliberately sent Shang Nanjing stone dumplingsVery beautiful, our tourism, and introduces us to a lot of attractions, where to go, where to go during the day, where to go at night. what visitors think too much for us, when we prepared for a mineral water, thanks again!
  • liffay
    Location special better, a into Hall, total Taiwan of guy Chen Xiang soon to I do good staying procedures, let I is happy, into room didn't long, Butler Xie Jiufang to I sent to free beverage, to we with towel stack of small animal, feel is warm heart, night back found sent free put in room Shang of shirt, hot good cuffs Shang a stalk off has, has been was nail good, hanging in wardrobe in, room Shang left has a Zhang message card, is Xie Jiufang and laundry room yellow home fairy help I do of. really of is intimate, carefully. let IFeel like you're at home. hotel services really satisfactory ... must come again later.
  • e00970744
    Could not be in a better location. The famous DeJi Shopping Plaza is right across the street and hotel is a short walk to the metro.
  • jie9258
    Booked a king room, free upgrade to Executive room is small, but very nice, overall good. hotel services and live more comfortable. not far from the Metro station, a few minutes ' walk from Metro stations are very close to all the attractions, this is good. snap the next day.
  • resorb
    Location, parking is not easy.
  • ccxfj
    Very satisfied
  • a54348
    Very good, location good, door has Concierge Member Jiang Wei reception, also help we wipe has box. total Taiwan reception of Gu Manager service thoughtful in place. sent has map, formula also has glasses cloth. to restaurant also has Yang Yang foreman enthusiasm reception, help we took has children seat, hot of steam eggs. check out reception of small check. to we sent has stone left for small Memorial.