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Central Hotel Nanjing is Located at Xinjiekou, the bustling commercial center of Nanjing,itis an elegantly-decorated and fully-equipped luxury business hotel. With a floor space of  38000 ㎡, the hotel has accommodation, catering, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty salon, shop and special facilities for large-scale convention and banquet. It is one of the oldest high-star-rated hotels in Nanjing, and was an important training base for hotel industry managers in China.  more>>

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  • e01177219
    Room slightly small
  • Haikushilan
    Good location, rooms small. There is an unpleasant thing, I consulted the swimming pool is available in advance, came downstairs to swimming after getting the answer, only to find the doors closed and was told two days before the event, is still clean. after the Manager's apology and compensation for breakfast ... but still unpleasant.
  • binwei
    Nice hotel
  • e00641361
    Several times this year in Nanjing. live your hotel. the hotel service was very good ... next to Nanjing will be staying in your hotel.
  • lwt189
    Location very good of hotel, due to is old floor again decoration of, room partial small, set pretty reasonable of. parking service very good, small rain returned to we wash has car, thanks Wang Guicheng and et master. out forget has card, charges master note room, on put we out has, service in place. such of hotel by service won has customer of heart, fine,?!
  • pandajingjing
    Satisfaction with the front desk service was excellent, cleaning lady was very helpful, as well as parking attendants Cao and Xiao Cao, old bian is very enthusiastic, but also help us wash cars, thank you so much. like one.
  • dlstory
    Location good, service enthusiasm, has been is I select here of reason! room facilities clean, front desk now in a floor convenient has many, front desk small Zhao small guy good, in Business Center also no staff of when, help I solution print of problem! also has Center Yuan Ping ladies, help scheduled taxi, buy tickets, recommended has many species holiday of place, really of is praise, next must also live here!
  • lilinde001
    Yes, service.
  • julia1
    Service is very good, night shift manager Wang honghua do a good job, home
  • benben812273
    As always, cost-effective, environment, traffic, shopping, entertainment, dining and convenience. Although there are no loud Jinling fame next door, but the difference is not recommended
  • jiababy2005
    Good location, environment and facilities are very good.
  • jico1125
    Facts for, the hotel on room for, somewhat partial small, but is has features, layer high not high, but very warm comfortable, personal feel int room than location room better many, especially love sleep I people,, int room curtains a pulled, no sun, and also not noisy, hotel location very good, traffic also is convenient, parking also has stereo and underground parking library, spaces sufficient, especially to said of is, service is good, each waiter will on you smile, andAnswered problem is has patience, hotel also opened has micro-letter service, has any need of service can directly through micro-letter sent, day attempts to has about, effect very good, and also sent has afternoon tea, breakfast in four floor, wants to than some five-star hotel slightly simple is, but also can meet, Word, very good, price is high, next to Nanjing also will staying Center big hotel, worth recommended!
  • aaiaaj
    In an alley, and later learned is home owned by hotel. the hotel itself was nice, very clean and comfortable facilities, a good price-performance ratio.
  • songdong
    Really good hotel, worth staying. their credit services.
  • ljtang69
    Day friends party, drink of somewhat more, second days up of is late, to with breakfast Shi just breakfast is end, has began received meal has, foreman Yang Yang see I to of more late, patience of asked I like eat some what, can help I to take, attitude very good, and no because I to of late and not happy, is praise. also has night of a called He Houwei of guy service also is enthusiasm, most night busy to pharmacy buy drug is sorry of, very thanks. hotel service is Rod believesMust have the opportunity will come again.
  • bbren
    Is located in downtown, is convenient, luggage Member put I of bags has been sent to room, Zhou Zhandong Manager sent of Tourism Guide overview figure very practical, room service good, waiter Hu Xiaojiao stack of small animal is cute, small granddaughter special like, also put we of wet clothes took to drying, with handwriting of card, is Zhang Fei master baking of, field Manager also asked we live have how, see I cough cold, sent to has ginger, one surname Zhu of master buy has drug sent to, very thanks you ofService! next to Nanjing also live here.
  • lisalee235
    Overall pretty good, privacy is a bit less.
  • dianang
    Great experience! decoration of the hotel is very interesting!
  • w_lu83
    Very satisfied, good location, good service attitude
  • e00851528
    Room structure very interesting, there is a small balcony, and can be heard downstairs play. is the elevator not linkage, trash the room not very clean.
  • B1235
    Once wonderful of holiday, hotel enthusiasm of service to we left deep of impression, Concierge was resolved when the Mr put I of luggage box wipe of too clean has, Butler Xie Jiufang sent of children slippers baby is like, four floor breakfast Office also is good of, horse Manager and Dong Chunhong foreman understand we is field to of, also deliberately sent Shang brine duck and duck blood fans Yuhua dumplings very thanks. lobby week Manager sent of eyes cloth, map is practical, parking et service enthusiasm, is rod of experience
  • e00113214
    The deluxe room we stayed, the room was dirty, very small. taste. crude than Beijing's three-star also known as five-star! not a compliment!
  • elleaileen
    Hotel location is good, on in xinjiekou Metro station near, Jinling hotel next, near has many Mall, dinner also convenient. This is Liberation of old hotel refurbished of, somewhat history. to to Hou upgrade has administrative room, room is unlikely to but basic is comfortable. bathroom, bathroom and bathroom are is points separated of, compared clean. service is good of, waiter let added has micro-customer service, mention problem are will timely to replies. breakfast and Chinese are in Hotel eat has self, taste also can,However expensive. generally speaking, this recommended in multiple rooms at the quality hotel in Nanjing, not too satisfied with the air conditioning control not enough light, pillow looks a little dark, cheaper prices and better.
  • lsfjrj2009
    Front desk service Jian Li very professional, business process skilled, stone fine cute, rooms Butler Gu Hongying enthusiasm, also has newspaper sent. breakfast varieties more taste good, because to of when Nanjing rain, directly will car handed parking car member on staying has, second days to take car Shi found car actually wash of clean. Center big hotel of service reflected in details, very good, strongly recommended staying
  • Tracy0106
    Service is very good, room was old
  • tinasunyubaobei
    Hotel location perfect, adjacent xinjiekou Metro station about 5 minutes away, Metro 1, 2nd, with station, easy to all scenic. opposite is Techi square, dining, shopping are is convenient. front desk staying will gift free of tourism map, scan added micro-letter, anytime, anywhere are can Advisory tourism line, hotel facilities equipment,. Hotel WIFI speed also soon. this hotel is I staying yilai, service optimal of, regardless of is front desk, Concierge, room works service are is intimate, hotel MemberService with a smile, greeted the initiative, field questions from their students. departure also received the stone as a souvenir gift feels great after ~ to Nanjing, will first consider staying at this hotel.
  • JC2008
    Service satisfaction!
  • e00033263
    Very nice, good location, opposite the t square
  • adsfasfa
    I think the facilities are old, but give us a room upgrade is a good-
  • annieyu518
    Very satisfied!
  • ainibaby
    The good, old hotels, although the room was small, but good location
  • lmpyfc
    Hotel is clean and the atmosphere, warm and thoughtful service, next select here!
  • andypsj
    Very good reception and concierge service, perfect location, I hope I have also had the opportunity to travel.
  • Lucia ly
    Hotel location is very good, but relatively poor decoration and building structures, service is good.
  • aimin_love
    Good location ... service. restaurant Yang Yang and Dong Chunhong Captain arranged for our buffet lunch location has also helped us take the meal. Tong Fangping Butler gave us folding animals perm. check out Charlie sent stone.
  • aboxiaoyu
    Very good stay, not dissatisfied, very good, very good!
  • anita1027
    Very good location, reception very friendly, with kids go out, guests send the child's slippers and dental equipment, room very clean, Golden weeks bring baby travel, free upgrade to a superior big bed room at the hotel, special warm?
  • long_xys
    Hotel is located in the heart of Nice. driving, that's easy. to leave the car keys to the parking lot attendant, he proposed, well-washed, feel good, great!
  • luwuin
    Good location, nice, but room needs to be replaced (due to renovation, the smell), and hotel arrangements were satisfactory. Worth staying at the hotel again!
  • aylily
    Convenient, surrounded by large shopping mall for dinner
  • ying1972
    Honestly stayed in many hotel rooms at your hotel, it feels really good. Check-in not only professional but also fast, front desk staff Chen and Jian Li was informed that I was to visit Nanjing, introduces a lot of tourist attractions, including the surrounding traffic and restaurants are described, as well as maps and stone presented, overall hotel service was beyond my expectations, strolling back surprise after finding two towel swans on the bed, floor Manager Gu Hongying warm gift stickersHeart cards, is thoughtful. Nanjing later must still choose to live here.
  • online--
    Each to Nanjing will because late handle staying and automatically upgrade this is from senior room rose to has administrative room a into lobby Manager has towards you smile motioned front desk of staff is smile service also accompanied sent to room door most main we just asked has a sentence have wash car of second days check out on has put we of car wash has too intimate has's special thanks old Bian Da Cao Xiaocao live had many five-star hotel only Center big hotel of service let I really ofComfortable home away from home location does not say the best choice for shopping and dining in close proximity to Nanjing later
  • cylia0808
    Hotel environment good, part regional transformation, service aspects very good, door Concierge Zhu master, help took luggage, see luggage box somewhat dirty, deliberately took has rag help wipe clean, also has front desk of small Zhao recommended room type, gift tourism map and features eyes cloth, didn't reaction came, service as received as of, into to room, room is last of prepared work, is responsible for cleaning of Dr aunt special enthusiastic, see we came in help put slippers took out, let we for Shang, suddenly senseFeel this is a five-star service! love this hotel, don't need a reason!
  • e00043496
    Advantages of Nice in xinjiekou, eating shopping traffic is very convenient service very good, neither Hall nor the clean's aunt, were very good; Weaknesses; individuals do not like this atrium-style, that is, a ring of rooms around the lobby and restaurant, because while other customers eating there will be noise, was woken up by the sound of the morning meal. room is slightly smaller, slightly less noise. Conclusion; sheng in the services sector, not sensitive to noiseDefinitely recommended.
  • fairylu1982
    Online very well selected hotel, transportation, and shopping very convenient around. the service is also very good, is this room can consider renovating again?
  • e00706811
    Great location near the city centre, very convenient for business travels
  • a3523116
    Location also offers children's slippers and toothbrushes, very intimate. next trip will choose Central hotel.
  • e05748414
    Hotel location good, away from master Temple, South Bo hospital taxi a started price, opposite Kidd square catering rich, hotel within with has a meal dinner, taste also is praise. rooms waiter enthusiasm, also Church daughter how folding small as, daughter Super like. worth a mention is, parking Wang Guicheng and et master people good, also put car wash of clean polished. yihou has opportunities to Nanjing, also set Center big hotel
  • bellxie
    Room was small, but the service was especially good. especially go out in the morning, park administrator Wang Guicheng and Zhao helped me wash the car, the weather is so cold, really thank you, car wash clean.
  • resorb
    Location, parking is not easy.