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Central Hotel Nanjing is Located at Xinjiekou, the bustling commercial center of Nanjing,itis an elegantly-decorated and fully-equipped luxury business hotel. With a floor space of  38000 ㎡, the hotel has accommodation, catering, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty salon, shop and special facilities for large-scale convention and banquet. It is one of the oldest high-star-rated hotels in Nanjing, and was an important training base for hotel industry managers in China.  more>>

住客评论 5373条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • getjim2004
    Good value for money, baby, and I am very satisfied! room very comfortable, also nice, most satisfying is that services are in place, effective
  • ceciliacai
    Hotels in the city centre, staff friendly, new facilities. the Techi Nanjing food stalls in the square opposite the food very good.
  • bidgod
    Warranty card must start economists world-class neuronal or sleep
  • longwang30
    Environmental services a great next time you go to it!
  • appleli2008
    Nice hotel, every time you go to Nanjing back side
  • ponney
    Hotel location is very good, recently renovated, Manager Zhou specially arranged a quiet room, special tribute to master Liu Zhongye, zipper boot helped me to take a good, technical level is very good, gym Miss Lu service is very good, swimming pool water is clean ... overall nice!
  • colorspace
  • bim_ld
    The decoration of the hotel, the smell is too bad, service was good.
  • atmclifan
    Overall, not bad
  • alicetoo
    Whole hotel of service very to, staying both at home and abroad well-known hotel many, Center big hotel is only let I moved of hotel, regardless of from door salute Member to front desk registration, also is floors service, no a not let people surprise and moved, salute Member Jiang Wei not only help we carrying box, also with rag will box wipe clean. front desk Chen Xiang heard we first times to Nanjing, active sent Shang map, introduced good of attractions. Butler Xie Jiufang know wife sleep bad also deliberately sent has cup milk and buckwheatPillow, and will we wet clothes got laundry room high temperature district dry, laundry room of Li also help we ironing flat, really of is thanks. also has cafeteria, environment elegant, dishes rich, service is Rod, thanks Dong Chunhong foreman sent cushion introduced take meal, hotel business is good, although is busy, but service is no snub. really thanks Hotel members service personnel, products and service how can moved consumers, I think Center big hotel this is do have is in place, next to NanjingAlso live here.
  • ilovemoon
    Drove to arrived hotel parking car Mr is enthusiasm to help parking Butler also enthusiasm to help mention luggage front desk found I with has children immediately to we free upgrade room type handle staying Hou out play parking car big Cao recommends we taxi said Nanjing downtown parking not convenient, we back of when found big Cao Xiaocao, is intimate put I of car wash clean has thanks this is second times staying to later Nanjing also will to Center big hotel
  • Mei_Mei520
    Oh well, highly recommended!
  • coolbill
    Every time we choose this hotel, I feel very good, surrounded by shopping malls
  • lasty
    Hotel is located near xinjiekou, good location, good room facilities, is not very good, hotel service very good, worthy of a five-star hotel, overall still very satisfied with the
  • imply331
    Good location, service was very attentive, help me dry every day clothes, next to Nanjing Hotel
  • rbt2002
    Once a year the Nanjing line has been in the Centre, where conditions are very good, of course, great staff!
  • coolman
    All right
  • lu719
    This foodie group to Nanjing save small lobster. see has reviews are said Center Hotel good. decisive set has. originally set has new administrative room. to shop handle staying of when saw we with BB. active upgrade room. good's. attached change five times. slightly little paint taste are was excluded has. really of very thanks. didn't thought so has patience. then that hotel buffet HA. on not recommended has. addition hotel has generation guest parking car. and wash car drops service. thanks dacaoxiaocaohe old Bian ShiFu. service stripes really drop. the old clean car wash. check-in that eye drops significantly guy really appreciate HA. next to Nanjing will also select Center Hotel.
  • aaronjindl
    Hotel service very enthusiasm very good hotel do activities added 100 block can upgrade room type plus a copies breakfast is deal room facilities is good rooms finishing personnel is seriously is responsible for due to somewhat pulled belly asked front desk to diarrhea drug front desk although no but soon on arrangements people to near pharmacy to purchase at rain Xia have pretty big of also thought to is long time to sent to didn't thought 10 minutes not to on sent came has really of is moved points a praise hotel of self breakfastAlso very tasty restaurant staff service very nice hotel design distinctive is not blind luxury luxury, while the style of the hotel was very well reflected in General is a very nice hotel very happy with five-star hotels to go will come later
  • ldjauto
    Environment is very good, the terrain is also very good, Cha Fangying good service at the front desk, car park, old King, old bian, et service very good and free car washes.
  • Zuo Zou
    Guests of the company, are living here, xinjiekou area is recommended
  • lucillelee
    Which is very nice
  • juliaxl99
    Good choice next time!
  • jan_online
    Room decor very well will stay
  • LEETON2010
    As a veteran five-star hotel, service really is good. Administrative room of room Yu five-star hotel of this signs words does small has points. but through reasonable of design make up has space of insufficient. trip live has two days, first days check in of when, front desk will ahead of told Hotel part floors just decoration finished, will effect staying feel, and sent has I Hotel Home of glasses cloth and afternoon tea coupons. to room Hou, floors Butler Zhong m is kind has courtesy, for ISent to has humidifier and welcomes beverage, and enthusiasm of for I introduced around good place, also will in I of ash cylinder in put a Zhang dip has water of tissue, above also wrote with smoking harmful health Oh. then lobby Manager and calls greeting. room within dining of speed and taste are good, although out has is small episode, but that are not thing. room day will to clean two times, and waiter also will with towel stack into small animal. wants to wrote of also has many many, anyway, next to Nanjing, mustRooms at Central Hotel! praise praise praise!
  • Irene1988
    Very good service, next to
  • Aguirregabiria
  • daidonna
    Good, convenient environment, Metro
  • liumangliu
    The service was excellent, especially with a front desk manager asked Chen Hao. location is also very good, room size is a bit too small, like Japanese style hotel, feeling very depressed.
  • yucong12345
  • LMsuperman
    Naozhongqujing good place, very nice, opposite the t square, and is super convenient for play
  • isabellj
    Good breakfast, room attendant Zhong m very friendly, and will come again
  • SindyLiao1983
    Travel, good good good good
  • bssun
    Hotel's services are particularly good! the surrounding environment and location very good, is the latest in the decoration a little noise, but does not affect sleep!! whole worth recommending!
  • Alanni
    Each to are is live this oh. first is location, on in Techi II period Road opposite, go past a few minutes Bell, dinner, shopping, entertainment are is convenient, recommended Techi II period of big vegetable no territories, are is vegetarian but super delicious Ah! second hotel itself, sanitation are is praise praise of, night out back will found sheets Shang has towel stack into of small animal, service is heart.
  • e03276885
    Hotel is old, small room, well renovated equipment. walk a little distance from Metro station, the service is really good, as in the previous reviews, active and thoughtful, send afternoon tea, children's slippers, toothbrushes, also sent a soft drink. interim night is OK, with a children's room was a bit cramped.
  • davilee7607
    Overall, booking for others, not for specific services
  • nana66688
    New hotel facilities, location, design features worthy of a live service is not bad, is to take power card design is too complex, there is no need, or help desk to clear with the guests.
  • space
    Rooms small, others good. especially service great!
  • jimweng
    Very good
  • liuil
    Accessibility, Xin Jie Kou 5 minutes walk distance away. good service, food tasty.
  • liufengxinxiang
    Part of the newly renovated, nice surrounding lively
  • janicewang
    Forget reviews, nice hotel stay when Hall renovated slightly, now definitely well. when staying a little late that night, room up two apartments, one of them also is the President of several, quite well.
  • iamadayip
    Good location and hotel service is good!
  • ssssxw
    Good old five-star hotels, price right
  • Cnway
    Hotel location special good on in xinjiekou Street opposite is Metro line traffic also is convenient hotel of service family attitude special good Hu Xiaojiao Li master also help I free drying clothes sent I delicious of cookies cookies also enthusiastic of help we introduced Nanjing fun delicious of place Dragon Boat Festival small Yu Guniang also sent we has looks of stone small Swan they let I think Nanjing of girl like Nanjing this city as let people is comfortable is kind
  • seejo
    Very high cost performance, excellent service!
  • fefe226
    A very good environment, good service, will go in the future.
  • CS0728
    Central location, room too small ... but the staff attitude is good.
  • smile9675
    Very convenient, rooms OK