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Central Hotel Nanjing is Located at Xinjiekou, the bustling commercial center of Nanjing,itis an elegantly-decorated and fully-equipped luxury business hotel. With a floor space of  38000 ㎡, the hotel has accommodation, catering, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty salon, shop and special facilities for large-scale convention and banquet. It is one of the oldest high-star-rated hotels in Nanjing, and was an important training base for hotel industry managers in China.  more>>

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    Just across the orchards square, very convenient, with children specially arranged at the front desk 1.8 m bed, the waiter also brought the children slippers, and two bottles of Sprite. later preferred Center of Nanjing Hotel
  • e02801434
    To upgrade a room but still want to live booked room type
  • jwang666
    Service is in place.
  • E04196567
    This staying purely is friends strongly recommended of, let I must to to staying experience once! extraordinary of experience absolute of five-star! due to in downtown, room area not is big, but design of is reasonable, room has a small balcony can overlooking Hotel hollow lobby, sky stars flashing, feel is relax! night eat finished rice back found bed Shang I of towel pillow into has buckwheat pillow, shoes was wipe of shiny, book in clip has a Zhang fine of bookmarks, computer Xia frame has thermal base, electric waterBurn a pot of hot water in the pot! left a message, is made by Tian Xiuzhen, Hu Xiaojiao, feels a bit like a personal Butler! immediately felt on the tall! master Lee I want to dry the laundry ironed shirt back up, Oh, that's great! thanks to friends recommend, let me trip! as long as he came to Nanjing after a certain preferred here!
  • ljjepri
    Karma Kagyu
  • Gargen
    Upgrade to Executive room, send afternoon tea. is not large, but the overall service of the hotel is quite good. the traffic is very convenient, opposite Techi square dining options are many.
  • rongyun123
    Two days in comfort, attentive service and free upgrade of the room, provision of supplies for children, wet clothes, and when we have breakfast at restaurant closing, no hurry but patient service ... ... Shows you every detail of the hotel's quality and good quality-per staff member as a guest, but ordered to stay for two days, but there is a feeling of home, comfort, warmth, makes the trip more successful-take this platform of Nanjing special thanks
  • louise_bao
    As well, special thanks to the parking lot attendant dacaoxiaocao, clean car very clean, next time will choose Central Hotel
  • NT not bother me
    Hotel is located in the city center, good location, Metro, convenient. Hotel Nice, newer. Human Services, particularly I driving, parking attendants Cao, Xiao Cao active cleaning my car, thanks! next time in Nanjing, will be admitted to the center of Nanjing Grand Hotel
  • liwang_yc
    Located in xinjiekou area, convenient, clean and sanitary, environmental or
  • snaer
    Very good
  • e00018110
    At Hotel of high points network assessment to of, of is no let I disappointed. hotel of Wang honghua Manager and front desk Chen Xiang reception of we, for we arrangements staying Shi learned that we first times to Nanjing immediately to we sent Shang has Nanjing map and Nanjing tourism guide, room also to do has upgrade, King Manager also personally sent we into room and introduced items placed location is is thoughtful. early restaurant in four floor, dishes also is is big of is restaurant take meal somewhat not convenient, dish products compared more many wants toEat to go. Special thanks to Dong Chunhong foreman here describe dishes for us and help us to take meals, my lover has just sent pregnant cushions and relishes dishes were very moved., called there the night He Houwei staff due diligence, midnight run to the drugstore to help buy medicine for us, thank you.
  • linay1
    Great location, very convenient to the subway station, very convenient to attractions via Metro, is very convenient. Beside the t square, plenty to eat. health is good.
  • miranda122
    GOOD !
  • angellisayao
    Old old old old, early in the morning was also renovated
  • apple86715
    Which is very nice
  • niceynine
    Due to late I upgraded my room for free very satisfied
  • csxjxx
    Good service, convenient
  • D785238270
    A little bit small
  • cdw12
    The room is not very big, expensive
  • bramble_cj
    That's no problem
  • mm1022
    It wasn't too bad
  • tonywu579
    Hotel location superior, service also is Rod, front desk of Chen phase arrangements of room is warm is comfortable, also carefully of sent has map and afternoon tea coupons. business center of Yuan Ping also very good very enthusiastic, also has night of King Manager is particularly of due diligence. early restaurant of dishes and service are very of good, especially foreman Dong Chunhong service thoughtful, understand I Qian-days late drink more has wine didn't want to eat things, active sent Shang more thick of honey water, busy Qian busy Hou sent Shang white porridge and-some light of food.Thank her. Hotel reasonably priced, highly recommended.
  • yuxi_5923
    Pretty good
  • feidie
    The hotel's services, the location of the hotel, the hotel facilities are good. very happy with second stay at ~! great! love it. love it.
  • junlong
    All right
  • cb2904169
    Room size is a bit small but the facilities are complete nice good
  • acson
    Location ... parking is not easy. the door more than
  • betty0305
    Clause for others, just fine
  • jane3399
    Bathrooms should be packed in a beautiful shade, warm and beautiful
  • elevengy
    Nice layout of the warm, staff friendly, especially commended, Butler and Xie Jiu Hua Hu Xiaojiao. great service, check out receptionist Lee pointed out when speed is pretty fast, do not look it up in the room, well trust us. is located in the city center, easy, unfortunately did not go across the Mall, heard about the discount ... ...
  • yinion
    Nanjing has always been this, overall are okay
  • e01741754
    With a baby staying at select hotel is right, the service is great! into the store Concierge Zhu helped me with my luggage or luggage to wipe clean my GE at the front desk and I wear glasses is also active on the glasses bearing the hotel name a memorable thank you! Butler regard slippers, toothbrushes for children is also very good aunt to stack the elephants to photograph children good is to forget the bad night shift manager I had arranged taxis quickly to eat breakfastWhen aunt Tung milk is also good to drink very comfortable! Last check out their car was washed clean by master Bian Shi Cao parent thanks! good hope Centre can continue forever!
  • bjjoewu
    Good location, convenient transportation, first-class facilities, great service.
  • ling6141
    The hardware a bit, old hotels, understandably, the service did not have to say
  • scaredtree
    Nice hotel location, services can also, poor toilet floor into the water, all water, cost low
  • LLYY10
    Quite good of hotel, had select is because the hotel of location is superior, on in Techi square opposite, so hold with try of psychological to staying, into door Hou on has welcome bin and front desk of reception, staying procedures very fast. which has 3 pieces things I wants to special praised about the hotel of service, 1 staying Shi of balcony door shut not died, call total Taiwan Hou immediately by hand came repair, due to at to urgent with out, so care has Xia repair finished Hou put room door closed thatCan, night back Hou found has sent has fruit platter to table apologies, 2 due to day rain night back socks wet has, second days found hotel was has wash good has, and plastic seal good sent to room, 3 due to to Nanjing is not is far, so select drive past, hotel special description is free parking, in Nanjing downtown for, this quite good, special praised about check out Hou drive Shi was found car has wash had has, is surprise, if can words please Hotel praised XiaOn November 7 and 8th, master of management vehicles, name cards in back when dropped!
  • bluenippon
    Service is very attentive, facilities are good, good location convenient! proposed to identify the big attention getter, passing a couple of times did not see!
  • caonet
    Service is good, the next time you stay!
  • terrywu30071
    Great service, good peripheral environment. thanks xiaodai warm and thoughtful service.
  • alina_liang
    July 31 to August 4 with elderly and children in Center Hotel live has four late, hotel of service let we was is kind is satisfaction, especially I of parents, elderly love clean, daily replaced of clothes are to wash, morning wash good clothes airing Shang out, night back, is see clothes are took to drying Hou stack good loaded into bag flat to put in bed Shang, is too moved has, so intimate of service let we day of tired are easily has many, staying this days, every day so,Only unfortunately we didn't can remember floors Butler of name, think special sorry she, really should good thanks she! also has to thanks front desk registration staying Shi of that bit small guy, to we free upgrade has rooms, daughter happy have very. many small details at of service also is kind warm, is is satisfaction! left Nanjing Hou we to has Beijing, live into Changan street side Shang a is style of five-star hotel, can but Dad live into Hou first sentence words; no Nanjing Center Hotel good. wellWell, dad is remembering the center of Nanjing Hotel;)
  • roger11966
    Overall good near the t square, xinjiekou, shopping
  • e00003194
    Breakfast is very good, although not too much, but enough to do very sophisticated. swimming pool is too small, not worth the Nice. Nice, the swimming pool does not require this.
  • babyjt
    With parents holiday, deliberately see has comments, selected has service good of hotel. service was didn't let I disappointed, also deliberately put I father of clothes took balcony drying folding Hou put back. breakfast service is warm, on elderly is understanding. facilities does match not Shang five-star, deficiency independent shower, bathroom small, charging also not convenient, this is old hotel of disadvantages. now in decoration, believes yihou will is good. is located in commercial center, shopping convenient, distance the attractions also not is far. is happy of aTime in the future will certainly choose this hotel
  • janse_ruan
    Hotel at decorate was ready to sleep late, with 8 points are not to be woken by beating, room upgraded more than 50 Yuan, although only 50 but the hotel for much less directly in my favor, people free upgrades, you will pay, earn 50 Yuan, five star direct Samsung
  • JamesJuan
    Hotel environment is good, location perfect, away from xinjiekou Metro station walk 10 minutes of away, close to Techi square and AI is world Mall, traffic, shopping, dinner are is cheap. hotel service personnel attitude very good, ointment is room slightly small, wash Taiwan next no towel frame very not convenient. room air conditioning to of is foot, bed and pillow are is comfortable of, breakfast compared big, also gift has afternoon tea of coupons, is satisfaction.
  • apple850923
    Service very good, a very good environment, it is worth staying
  • jjwy001
    All right
  • BRUCE alignment
    Hotel location excellent, but there is no denying that the hotel was really old, upgrade complete is a newly renovated room was good, but the room facilities are very poor-
  • winter214
    Nice comfortable room no noise. front have also been upgraded, Butler service is very attentive, warm, snapped with a towel animal. hotel location in the city center, not far from the subway, where convenient, is worth again.