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Central Hotel Nanjing is Located at Xinjiekou, the bustling commercial center of Nanjing,itis an elegantly-decorated and fully-equipped luxury business hotel. With a floor space of  38000 ㎡, the hotel has accommodation, catering, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty salon, shop and special facilities for large-scale convention and banquet. It is one of the oldest high-star-rated hotels in Nanjing, and was an important training base for hotel industry managers in China.  more>>

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  • LANMENG72637
    Send fruit drinks-perfect-
    Relative for is satisfaction, especially service of attitude very good, remember I because Xia rainy day wash has clothes not dry, morning out notification front desk personnel arrangements Pack room, night back Hou service is let I greatly of satisfaction, help I clothes took to coax dry Hou folding good put bags in sent to room, above also left has note. just noise bad, two a at 5 o'clock in the morning of Shi Hou, not know which room of phone vibration have is loud, put we wake has.
  • mengxianyong
    Oh well
  • maguopeng
    Awesome! low-key yet luxurious, very high cost performance. Service service with a smile, well trained, friendly, really is a feeling of a home away from home. I would recommend, go to the Nanjing Central hotel. special praise staff Zhang Qian, Wu Chahua two.
  • unitedair767
    Recommend this hotel, located in the city centre, convenient, surrounded by very busy
  • youmar
    Service is nice and warm. but hotel should be the change of use of, tarnish the room, wardrobe, toilet, bathrooms are weird. overall price/performance is fine, next time you can consider it again
  • ptimer
    Bad hardware, good service
  • e00251287
    Convenient, good surrounding environment. room away from being affected.
  • asder
    As a five-star hotel, the room is too small!
  • Nigeria ho ^ ^
    Good location, room was small but very clean hotel good service!
    Hotel feels worse than a year ago
  • wm8902
    Downtown, however, noise is good, not noisy, beds very comfortable, breakfast was great, next time will choose!
  • ctt288
    Environment, facilities are excellent, surrounding the xinjiekou, the Presidential Palace, traffic is very convenient!
  • fadbs
    First time ring to the Nanjing Hotel and service were pretty good
  • mefford
    Reservation has senior room, registration staying of when free upgrade into has administrative room. hotel is located in Nanjing of downtown, road opposite is Techi square, travel, dining, shopping are very convenient. hotel service or, especially parking, although spaces not more, but staff are is seriously of in arrangements spaces and command parking. most let people accident of is, second days to parking take car, surprise of found car has wash clean has. car Shang left has a Zhang card, told I do has JaneCleaning of vehicles, write parking administrator Wang Guicheng and Zhao Ming, really attentive service. thank them!
  • loretta55
    Good location, good service, would come here in the future!
  • Jerry666666
    The city, and convenient transportation, good environment, good service, because old customers will also help upgrade the room! nice
  • sunny198976
    Rushed across the full range of shopping, and more
  • florablue1
    Very nice hotel
  • sisen
    Good location, or l-level, good
  • monicandy
    It wasn't too bad.
  • ad110com
  • e01988309
    With friends travel to Nanjing, staying in the Center hotel is the right choice, traffic convenient, opposite Kidd square meals and entertainment were very convenient. Kidd, 7/f, the little town of Canada friends have praised, at noon and in the evening eat here, opposite the IMAX theater to attract friends to see a two-movie night. hotel services and facilities were very good.
  • LuYinglu
    Hot weather, hotel does not have air conditioning. afternoon tea after the open, the whole hotel is like a large glass Conservatory, hot to death.
  • e02203606
    Very good, going to
  • sblxy
    To thank Chen and Jian, two employees at the front desk gave us maps and wiping eyes very convenient and useful the next time you come or is it just the city centre very convenient Hall week in Nanjing Station Manager us arrange taxi very good thank you thank you thank you
  • Bennyyang688
    Overall feel, with kids, kids want to swim, but pool water too cold to play. good service, and saw the children and especially send a towel elephant, children's toothbrushes and slippers. rooms are mini, surrounding and convenient transportation.
  • ffwjc302
    Very good
  • AngelaTang126
    Super great! for free up to suite! thank you Manager
  • smiledxx
    Good location, hotel premium
  • jaminluo
    Very good, every time I was living in this hotel
  • desmond107
    Free upgrade to administrative room, also is pretty good of, sent of afternoon tea can drink coffee or tea, distribution points small snack. worth a said of is its a floor of this fish Emperor restaurant, taste is good and price also not high, stay guest sent offers coupons, can full 200 arrived 50 Yuan, directly points package also can playing 70 percent, also is compared deal. location on in xinjiekou, is Nanjing most downtown lots.
  • cooperyee
  • luascloud
    Service is very good, room was a bit small
  • li49616343
    Second times staying has, also is continue of good, front desk also is very of enthusiasm, Li Mr see we a three mouth, for we upgrade has rooms, is comfortable, customer Director Dai Shiqi Mr is second times met has, also is so enthusiasm, also has is business center of Yuan Ping Miss, help we ahead of appointment has tickets, saves has we many Kung Fu, must also will again to third times of! praise?
  • e00099304
    This live of special happy, from lobby reception Manager, to rooms waiter attitude are special kind, feet mill broken has customer service immediately sent to create can posted, see has children active put baby dedicated wash supplies on prepared good has, asked a road restaurant manager fear we not understand now painting has map to we, parking of size Cao He old bian see we way dusty, also secretly obligations help we wash has got off, is is is moved. we live of nine floor is new of, in front a bright, feel Super rod, The next time you come to Nanjing, is definitely the choice here.
  • fuyan
    Very good, like fragrance in the lobby, staff enthusiasm, breakfast.
  • joyce821211
    It's OK
  • LLYY10
    Quite good of hotel, had select is because the hotel of location is superior, on in Techi square opposite, so hold with try of psychological to staying, into door Hou on has welcome bin and front desk of reception, staying procedures very fast. which has 3 pieces things I wants to special praised about the hotel of service, 1 staying Shi of balcony door shut not died, call total Taiwan Hou immediately by hand came repair, due to at to urgent with out, so care has Xia repair finished Hou put room door closed thatCan, night back Hou found has sent has fruit platter to table apologies, 2 due to day rain night back socks wet has, second days found hotel was has wash good has, and plastic seal good sent to room, 3 due to to Nanjing is not is far, so select drive past, hotel special description is free parking, in Nanjing downtown for, this quite good, special praised about check out Hou drive Shi was found car has wash had has, is surprise, if can words please Hotel praised XiaOn November 7 and 8th, master of management vehicles, name cards in back when dropped!
  • famyuu
    Free car wash for us. thank the staff and old bian, Cao.
  • doudou969
    Hotel is located in xinjiekou, location is good, adjacent Jinling, out hotel took Metro, bus, taxi are is convenient, around all is various Mall. front desk employees Jian Li Chen enthusiasm reception, gift small gift map is practical. room decoration of style is warm comfortable, all of waiter are very enthusiasm intimate, Zhou Zhandong Manager daily are will Advisory has all satisfaction of at. really of is home price is high of hotel, next also will staying, back Hou also introduced to I of friends are.
  • Dong926
    Hotel Nanjing is one of several hotel, good location, away from the xinjiekou subway station is just 5 minutes, opposite the large shopping malls, eating, shopping, traffic is good, service is also very good, especially the parking very close staff old bian, Cao, Cao not only help to look for parking spaces, small, and our free car wash, praise, it is worth staying
  • first time
    Good location, good service ... room overall good health, but the carpet is not clean. slow room. the breakfast is not much, but can also taste, price is a bit expensive.
  • e00097306
    Staying some small episode, but Hotel aspects to and has active enthusiasm to processing, not only upgrade has rooms, while also active followed up follow-up service, and gift fruit, soft drink. reflected out has on customer of sincere attitude, for hotel million Manager, Tian Xiuzhen Manager of professional spirit points a praise. Hotel Butler Jiang Wei of smile warmly was impression deep. certainly room of clean health also is good. live of these days has been is clean, Ding Changmei, Wang Yinping room health do of is good. wineShops across the Plaza is the most upscale of Techi, mini-town. recommend fine restaurants in Nanjing, Nanjing higher quality BLK. approximately 300 metres from the xinjiekou subway station, go out to various attractions is easy, basic costs are around 2 a person.
  • clarissewang
    Than good
  • COD Standard
    Very nice! love it
  • longla
    Living in the Center, eating is very convenient for shopping
  • bslbee
    Service very attentive, home away from home-good experience
  • eddie78
    Hotel was clean and comfortable, the location is very convenient, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • adfeafd
    Very satisfied, good location, good service, and complimentary room upgrade, mainly to wash a car! Zambia Zambia Zambia