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Nanjing Central Hotel is located in the core area of Xinjiekou financial and commercial center, surrounded by commercial, catering, cultural and entertainment places. It is only one street away from Deji square and aishangtiandi, and is close to Xinjiekou Metro Line 1 and line 2. At the same time, it is close to the culture street of the Republic of China on Changjiang Road, so that you can experience the prosperity of Nanjing at present and appreciate the customs of the culture of the Republic of China in the past.
The hotel has more than 300 luxurious and elegant guest rooms and Suites, which can enjoy warm courtyard view or city view. The original flavor restaurant allows you to enjoy Huaiyang cuisine. The noble and elegant cloud restaurant has a number of private VIP rooms, providing Huaiyang cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. Gedunwan cafeteria combines Chinese and Western food, and Nanjing style snacks make people linger.
The hotel is committed to building a Chinese service brand - etiquette action. To actively discover the needs of guests, create a warm feeling at home, so that you have a perfect experience.
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FAQs when booking at Nanjing Central Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Nanjing Lukou International Airport?

    Nanjing Central Hotel is 36.2km from the airport.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Nanjing Central Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is 00:00-12:00 at Nanjing Central Hotel.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Nanjing Central Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Nanjing Central Hotel?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Nanjing Central Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny600, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • dancing_79
    Service is the overriding factor. Few hotels can achieve this kind of service now
  • blueautumnc
    It's good. It's worth staying next time
  • long_xys
    The hotel is located in the downtown area and has a good location. I drove there. It's easy to find. When checking out, he gave the car key to the parking lot administrator. He took the car out and washed it clean. I feel very good, great!
  • GaryA
    Good service, good location. Miss Cha at the front desk helped me upgrade my room. w(°o°)w
  • jiansser
    The surrounding environment is good and the transportation is very convenient. Opposite the hotel is Deji square, which is very convenient for eating, drinking and playing. The hotel is quite cost-effective. The area is not big, but the service is very good. When we came in, a bellboy, Xiao Jiang, helped us pull our luggage and clean the boxes. The receptionist Xiao Cha sent a map and a brief introduction to subway travel. Friendly service and friendly reception. The hotel recently launched wechat customer service to solve some problems. It's still very convenient. The housekeeper service is very considerate. Steward Tong Fangping was very easygoing. He sent us hot newspapers and folded small animals. It seems that the area of downtown hotels is not large. If you want to provide services, it is highly recommended here.
  • beijingbull
    It's a very nice hotel. I feel very comfortable. It's the first choice to go to Nanjing.
  • gltc2005
    Very satisfied, feel at home!
  • Tomcat_50
    The name and location of the hotel are the same. It's absolutely the center of the city. It's very convenient to travel. Subway line 1 and line 2 are only five minutes away. Opposite is Deji square. Eating and shopping are very convenient. The hotel has been decorated recently, and the interior room is very good. There is a small balcony. The cafeteria is a European style hall with elegant environment. In particular, the service of the hotel is impeccable. In the door, there was a bellman, Jiang Wei, to help with the luggage. Even the cleaners were very polite, smiling and pressing the elevator. His name seemed to be Lulian. Room service, not to mention. The room is not big, but the design is reasonable. Hu Xiaojiao, the housekeeper of the floor, brought us a drink. The animal is so cute. In particular, I washed the clothes I soaked in the basin, and took them to the high-temperature area of the laundry room to dry. Master Li Jun in the laundry room also ironed them for me, and gave me an ironed newspaper. In addition, the breakfast was also very good, with rich varieties and good taste. In particular, the service provided by leader Dong was excellent, and the pancakes recommended to me were delicious. All in all, it's very good. I'll come again next time.
  • wxp6618
    The hotel is not very new, but every employee is very friendly to guests. On the day of check-in, I caught a cold and had a fever. The hotel staff offered to buy medicine for me. The next day they kept calling to take care of me, which made me feel so warm
  • JC2008
    Very satisfied with the service!
  • dipoon
    It's really ordinary. It's better to stay in Jinling Hotel. The hotel facilities are old
  • e00003194
    Breakfast is very good. Although there are not too many varieties, it is enough and the cooking is very exquisite. The swimming pool is too small to be worth going. The service is good. Very cost-effective. If you don't have any requirements for a swimming pool, you can choose this one.
  • freecloudy889
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, convenient for travel and shopping. It is an old hotel with a long history. The guest room area is small, and the bathroom and bath room are narrow. However, it is reasonable and scientific to make full use of every inch of space in the design. What is worth recommending is the service, especially for the masters in the parking lot. The parking lot is narrow and there are a lot of cars. They are warm and considerate. They help the guests to park and swipe their cards. Thank you, big Cao, small Cao and old Bian. The fly in the ointment is the buffet in the morning and evening, hoping to improve the quality.
  • lin99
    The overall feeling is pretty good, but there is no discount on the price during the festival. You can upgrade your room for free for the first time
  • greatfen
    Good service
  • ly6172
    First of all, it has a good location. It's located in the prosperous area of Xinjiekou, opposite to Deji square. It's very convenient for eating and shopping. It's also close to the presidential palace, Confucius Temple and other scenic spots; 2、 There are three breakfasts, three free afternoon tea coupons, slippers, dental appliances and two drinks in the room. 3、 After checking in, you can scan the QR code to provide wechat customer service, which is very fast and convenient. First of all, the appearance of the hotel is very inconspicuous. It can't be seen that it's a five-star hotel at all. It's the same feeling when you enter the lobby, which can't meet the five-star standard; Second, there is a strong smell of decoration in the corridor. I found that the room was super small, there was no bathtub, the bathroom was very small, and the bed was even smaller. I felt that I had entered the Express Hotel; 3、 It's hard to accept that the towel loses hair seriously when taking a bath; 4、 When locking the door, it is difficult to fasten the hook of the door lock, and it is difficult to open if it is fastened; 5、 The sound insulation effect of the room is poor. 6、 Breakfast varieties are not many, more disappointed. The whole feeling is very different from the international five-star, even the domestic four-star can not reach, can only reach the standard of Express Hotel, taxi drivers said that should choose the next Jinling Hotel, much better than this hotel! I don't know where the score of 4.8 on the Internet comes from. I gave such a poor evaluation for the first time!
  • yangringo
    The hotel is located in the center of Nanjing, in addition to the superior location, there is no commendable place
  • popfc
  • e00027171
    Very good location, it's worth recommending! The door is equipped with a professional parking staff, someone will help park the car when you enter the door! The front desk service was warm. Manager Wan and Xiao Zhao helped to check in. Manager Wan also helped to upgrade the room type. Seeing that we had children with us, he asked the housekeeper to send children's supplies. He was really attentive. At the front desk, he constantly introduced the tourist attractions and special food around the hotel, and presented the hotel's self-made map and glasses cloth, Another feature is the use of wechat platform to communicate with customers, which is very convenient! The clothes they washed in their room were sent to their own laundry by the considerate housekeeper to dry. The clothes they sent were as new and neatly folded. The considerate handwritten card in it belonged to a backstage Master Zhang Fei! Thank you very much. I will stay here next time!
  • babssy
    Clean and tidy, the only disadvantage is that the room is slightly small
  • jin3249
    The front desk service was very good. They upgraded their rooms and gave them small gifts. The room service was also very good. Across from the hotel is Deji square. The supermarket has solved all the meals. It's about 10 minutes from metro lines 1 and 2. Breakfast is OK, but it is suggested that the varieties can be changed. Toilet ventilation can be improved.
  • taotao314
    Great, great, great attitude
  • florecienta
    The room is not big, everything else is OK!
  • euguel
    The evaluation is a little late. Recently, I have stayed in for three times in a row, and I feel better every time. I really feel at home. First of all, I would like to thank Xiao Shi and manager Gu for their upgrade service. I feel warm and intimate. Secondly, thanks to Tong Fangping, the floor manager, and Yang Shuzhen, the room cleaning attendant, for their attentive service. Love Swan gives us surprise! Steward Tong and waiter Wu Chahua also took the initiative to help us dry our clothes. Xiao Cao, Da Cao, Lao Bian helped us clean our car, and Jiang Wei was polite and considerate to welcome us. The service of the hotel gave us a pleasant two-day holiday. Thank you very much. In addition, the hotel is located opposite Deji, which is very convenient for shopping and eating. Praise! All five.
  • aioros_689
    The hotel is newly renovated from the old hotel. Although the room is a little small, the service as mentioned by netizens is very good. I will stay next time
  • susen
  • Lynn Green
    The hotel has a good location and excellent service, which is worth a try. Yan Fei and Chen Xiang on the night shift were well arranged. They upgraded the room and sent us maps and tourist guides of Nanjing. Manager Yan personally sent us to the guest room and immediately felt very kind. Thank you very much. There are many kinds of buffet dinner. Salmon and long crab legs are my favorite. The special lobster covered rice and Hainan Chicken Rice recommended by leader Xie Wenyan are all delicious. There are also unlimited crabs. The lamb chop is very good, and the spicy hot is also very refreshing and delicious. All in all, they are highly praised
  • ajc0923
    I was deeply impressed by the service quality of the hotel. Mr. Dai, the lobby who greeted me when I entered the door, was warm and patient. The guide and map provided to me were very practical. The room was also very warm. Aunt Gu in the guest room was very enthusiastic. There were towel toys on the bed when I entered the door. She was stunned. There was Miss yuan in the ticket booking center. Because I changed the time twice, I was not bothered at all and was very patient, Finally, there were some problems in the room at night, but manager Wang on the night shift soon solved them for me. All these show the professional quality of the hotel. As long as you come to Nanjing in the future, you must choose your hotel
  • ccwx2030
    Generally, the location is good and the facilities are old
  • a58617672
    With five-star environment and six-star service, everyone is very kind
  • Junny1998
    Superior geographical location, convenient transportation and shopping, especially considerate service attitude
  • anycom
    The front desk was very friendly, helped me upgrade my room and took me to my room! The room is clean!
  • xclywwpc
    Very satisfied
  • wangjun1844
    The service was particularly good
  • deluo
    High cost performance
  • gardenia69
    It's a very nice hotel. The front desk is very polite. With the children, the room has been upgraded for free. Thank you. Breakfast is also good
  • gcy7802
    Considerate service and convenient transportation. I'll check in next time
  • e00027703
    The room is too small, but the layout is OK. The restaurant on the first floor of the hotel is inconsistent with the dishes on the public comment online
  • goyoungco
    It's a good place. It's next to Deji. It's a few steps to the subway station. It's very convenient. When we arrived, we had no room reserved, so we changed our suite directly. There was no charge. I was very satisfied. The service attitude of the staff in the hotel was very good, especially the master in the parking lot gave us a simple car wash. I'll choose here next time.
  • janse_ruan
    The hotel was being renovated. I was going to sleep in, but I was awakened by a knock before 8 o'clock. When the room was upgraded, it would cost more than 50 yuan. Although it was only 50 yuan, the hotel gave me a lot less favorable impression. People upgrade for free. You have to pay for an extra 50 yuan, and the five stars will directly become three stars
  • flycylg
    The service was very considerate. It would be better if both beds could be 1.35 meters.
  • baulluo
    The hotel is well located, the rooms are clean and the decoration has its own characteristics. Xiao Zhao at the front desk recommended upgrading the room type, which makes me feel very satisfied! There are also travel maps, eye cloth and many interactive links between the hotel and guests. Join their official wechat and just send wechat if you need it! There is also elder sister Xie Jiufang, the floor housekeeper, folding elephants with towels in front of the children, giving small gifts, and so on! It brings our guests close to the hotel, which is a good sense of intimacy. Each post seems to have some good ways to 'please' the guests. The garden style restaurant on the fourth floor can be enjoyed there, beautiful, quiet, buffet and afternoon tea. The head manager of the restaurant is kind. He brings delicious food and specially prepares steamed eggs, The cushions sent by the old people in the same industry really experienced the five-star meticulous service! Like, like, like!
  • tai32642
    The service is still very good, that's why I chose to stay again. Feel at home. Breakfast varieties can be more abundant.
  • agosta
  • faustyna
    Very good service??
  • e01437288
    It's worth it
  • a9612546
    The room is too small, the service is good
  • tenpeople
    The service was very good, the food was also good, just a few steps to Xinjiekou!
  • JollyLady
    Fairly good, fairly cost-effective
  • C_alvinguo
    Good feeling! Good environment, travel and shopping is very convenient!
  • flylin
    The room is comfortable and hygienic, and there are free drinks and water, but the floor height is too low and a little depressed.
  • allaoo
    The facilities are OK. It's close to the city center. It's convenient for shopping. It's just on the road. It's a little noisy!
  • M00973511
    The service was particularly good. The room service also dried my hand washed clothes that were not dried. It was very considerate. The restaurant and front desk service are also very professional and patient. The only disadvantage is that the gym and swimming pool are only open from 1400 to 2100. The time is too short, and the water in the swimming pool is not heated at room temperature. It is too cold to swim. I hope it can be improved.