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Hotel Map

Map of the hotel

Central Present

Central Cold Dishes

All of the Cold Dishes are made of strictly selected raw material and made by our senior cookers.

Central Salted Duck

The ideal present for your relatives and friends from other places.

Cold Dish Package

Salted upper part of pork leg, salted pigeon, salted goose’s wing, chicken with ginger sauce.

Packed Family Banquet Food

The food contains appetizers, main courses, soup and deserts.

Seasonal Present

Spring Festival Present

New year cake, cold dishes, desert, dumpling and etc.

Dragon Boat Festival Present

Specific cereal zhongzi, double yolk goose’s egg, mung bean paste, green dumpling and etc.

Mid-autumn Festival Present

Eight dainties in autumn, specific fruits, special moon-cake and etc.

Crab Present

At your choice of crabs differently from Yangcheng Lake, Gucheng Lake or Gaoyou lake.