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Central Hotel Nanjing is Located at Xinjiekou, the bustling commercial center of Nanjing,itis an elegantly-decorated and fully-equipped luxury business hotel. With a floor space of  38000 ㎡, the hotel has accommodation, catering, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty salon, shop and special facilities for large-scale convention and banquet. It is one of the oldest high-star-rated hotels in Nanjing, and was an important training base for hotel industry managers in China.  more>>

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  • bbui1
    Hotel is very good, parking et chef was friendly.
  • allaoo
    Facilities, close to downtown, shopping, on the road, a little noisy!
  • meng_love99
    It's OK
  • e00773373
    Location is good, rooms are small, or to store more money after the upgrade, but this price is cost-effective in Nanjing, do not ask, we can recommend
  • olive8573
    great room. construction noise was ridiculous.
  • maguopeng
    Awesome! low-key yet luxurious, very high cost performance. Service service with a smile, well trained, friendly, really is a feeling of a home away from home. I would recommend, go to the Nanjing Central hotel. special praise staff Zhang Qian, Wu Chahua two.
  • D Angel NEMO
    To Nanjing, prepared of had himself married anniversary, select this in online legend service best of hotel, early zhiqian call to front desk of hope can arrangements good is of room, while hope can staying of room can was simple of small layout about, thanks front desk of Zhao Mr, in he of help Xia, a earnestly of requirements seems on they for so of simple, easy! in front desk of handle staying, Zhao Mr gift Nanjing tourism map and hotel party himself sat of glasses cloth,Many years didn't to Nanjing has, now has map can reference about, hotel of location really good, is I in live had hotel is memorable of, Butler thanks sister is is enthusiasm, in room inside stack has small Swan, night to deliberately prepared buckwheat pillow sent came! four floor hollow lobby, very features, has himself of features, breakfast in inside enjoy really of is praise! restaurant Tung Butler warm-hearted, took has several species Nanjing features food and hotel himself of good of dish to we tasting,Really is in service for each guest, for their great!
  • mennannan
    Hotel is on a very large, service is very good! live in this room next to Nanjing, City Center, very convenient
  • fiona05311
    Location convenient, service very enthusiasm, also free help drying has clothes, opposite is Techi square, square 7 floor eating convenient, Nanjing big row document on in Techi square a period 7 floor, in Techi square 2 period 1 floor also has a supermarket, things is rich, away from Metro Line 2 line is near walk about 10 minutes, sat Metro can to to all attractions. hotel itself no evaluation in the of free upgrade, this price not containing breakfast, somewhat not deal. most important of is hotel bed is 1.2 meters estimatedTerms of 5 star rank is a three-star hardware, a bath in the toilet is a water, inconvenient, and poor bathroom ventilation, there is no separate shower room, shower in the bathtub very uncomfortable. switch not too good in that water. a five-star hotel pillows has no choice, sorry five-star standards.
  • sunwel888
    Established five-star hotels, service is good, just renovated, rooms very big, especially in the closet ... but the next day for the hotel.
  • bravotulip
    Breakfast was good
  • e02906838
    Hotel services are very enthusiastic and active upgrade suite, but air conditioning in the morning not to force, power and cool in the evening! hotel location very good! stay next time!
  • Alexanderli
    Well recommended, rooms, facilities, hot water not so good tune, maybe very hot. Front desk checkout is slow, parking management needs to be improved. Overall value for money very good.
  • Linjun6
    Service is very good, very good! can dry clothes for free, great!
  • lala311
    That's good
  • isnail
    Rooms very clean, buffet is also very good
  • bb502
    The good location of the hotel, opposite the t square, drink. attitude of the hotel is great, free to rise to Executive room, room facilities very good, very clean. anyway enjoy! next time choose here
  • Alisa LI
    All right
  • asuna
    Nice------Oh, buffets or-------
  • mefford
    Reservation has senior room, registration staying of when free upgrade into has administrative room. hotel is located in Nanjing of downtown, road opposite is Techi square, travel, dining, shopping are very convenient. hotel service or, especially parking, although spaces not more, but staff are is seriously of in arrangements spaces and command parking. most let people accident of is, second days to parking take car, surprise of found car has wash clean has. car Shang left has a Zhang card, told I do has JaneCleaning of vehicles, write parking administrator Wang Guicheng and Zhao Ming, really attentive service. thank them!
  • jy89110
    Which is very nice
  • e00829123
    Good room, convenient
  • e02255688
    Service environment
  • adyyan
    First of all, the location of the hotel is very good, to each of the attractions are very convenient, basic or subway can be reached on foot, it's wicked. But because the first time, slightly smaller rooms, facilities were good and clean! new style of decoration is good, Interior balconies are bright spots. Butler service can meet five-star standards, very friendly, responsive and considerate. it has been recommended to go to friends in Nanjing.
  • Deventai
    Hotel service very user friendly. open micro-customer service center, all kinds of problems can be answered and resolved in a timely manner. thank the Executive Housekeeper Wang Meijuan, timely and thoughtful service. very happy staying. thanks for the hotel staff.
  • aren67
    Hotel services are highlights
  • CasparWong
    Very glad to Nanjing to this hotel, very comfortable
  • cyyim
    Although the room is small, but very good
  • Aaronbonbon
    Good service, convenient, is the Executive room, small, decoration paint fumes!
  • ld Feifei
    Nice location, reception staff polite and thoughtful. restaurant downstairs is also good
  • dancing_79
    Services overwhelming, hotels can now achieve this service of rare
  • baobaoma777
    Hotel appearance not too eyes, but location is has advantage, away from shopping square and Metro are near. room small has some, slightly explicit cramped, but active, enthusiasm, intimate of service make up has insufficient, we contact of lobby Manager Wang Yuli and Butler Tian Xiuzhen two bit worth a praise. to Nanjing also will staying Hotel appearance not too eyes, but location is has advantage, away from shopping square and Metro are near. room small has some, slightly explicit cramped, but active, enthusiasm, intimate of service make up has notFoot, we contacted Assistant Manager Zhou Dong as well as two front desk staff Jian Li and Chen Hao praise-worthy. free small gift for small maps such as stone is fabulous. went to Nanjing will stay
  • Mao GG
    Surrounding the relatively prosperous, service also good. Hall of the main street were very friendly!
  • meng9365
    Hotel facilities good, refurbished except for breakfast time is short, convenient surroundings, xinjiekou subway travel, easy, dinner, shopping is very convenient!
  • donedone
    The good location of the hotel, where convenient, is a large shopping mall across the room is a bit small to be relatively, but quality of service there is no discount, guests staying at that day my husband says the service is good, will help us to wash socks, was simply too awesome! next time you and refer-a-friend!
  • guyiming1229
    By heart but the hardware facilities cannot meet five-star standards, but the quality of service is good, free upgrade to Executive room, room size, sink too small and shallow, wash brush water spilled on the ground is very inconvenient, shower drain is not smooth, wash the sea river, I hope the future design improvements.
  • cece520
    Good location, good parking master Wang GUI Cheng Hebian we washed the car, Charlie provides us with maps at the reception and practical, service is also very good. recommended occupancy.
    Parking need not worry, going out shopping to worry about, in the xinjiekou hotel room window is the t square, Nanjing Presidential Palace can be reached on foot
  • e00111977
    Easy passion
  • sxl1141026
    Hotel clean clean, front desk reception enthusiasm generous, know I is with has child, directly help I upgrade family suite, very thanks Oh! here also to special of mention a mention of is hotel of parking car handsome buddy, help I moved car, help I to front desk brush parking card, let I in Hotel stopped has more than 20 a hours also no addition paid, service attitude first-class! to later Nanjing on live here's! shopping Shopping convenient, child play of also compared full!
  • dongxuanlee
    It's not bad
  • Jenny XIAO
    Location belongs to the luxury location, newly renovated rooms are bright, front desk service was very good, check out also sent a few grains of stone as a souvenir?, Beijing went by car, rain on the way. parking administrator returned the car wash the next day thank you. dry socks were also taken in the room dry iron the package back, recommended hotels
  • Teargas
    Location convenient
  • Juxing_476
    Really good hotel, great service, especially when I see we brought our children prepared a tiny pair of slippers and a cartoon toothbrush, the son said finally in a hotel with his slippers!
  • e00398970
    Hotel is good, the toilet is too high is that HA HA is quite good
  • bravebear
    Sites have not said that the downtown area, VIP p in place, easy parking, easy to access, just across from the de JI, shopping is particularly convenient, than a Jinling hotel next door price, will stay again. to praise
  • e00267750
    All right
  • marioy
    Convenient service good
  • AdaYun
    Which is very nice
  • minyidyy
    Clean, comfortable!, free upgrade to Executive room. the hotel staff were very friendly, and will again choose next time!