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13 let etiquette ambassador and star etiquette ambassador naming commendation congress is held

Date: 2011-09-01

2011 August 9th one afternoon as 13 etiquette big mission and the new promotion star etiquette ambassador name recognition of the general assembly, in eight LouZiJing hall convened, BaiMin promotion for the three-star etiquette ambassador, YangJingJing four promotion for the two-star etiquette ambassador, QianSong ling four promotion for the star class etiquette ambassador, CDC) etc 13 a re-election etiquette ambassador and money CaoRui ten such as newly elected etiquette ambassador. The naming commendation later, hotel consists of 56 name etiquette ambassador, including samsung nine, two star 16 a eight, the etiquette ambassador 23.

The meeting proposed that all staff, especially managers at all levels must make clear the etiquette action with the staff career planning are inseparable; All the management personnel and etiquette ambassador office must adhere to the etiquette action first evaluation standard is the guest's feeling; Background security department or GangDian etiquette action to active found next process demand, to next process to bring surprise for first entry.