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Nanjing already westin hotel management co., LTD. To officially take over zhejiang tonglu xinhui hotel

Date: 2011-11-21

On nov 16, 2011 nanjing already westin hotel management co., LTD. Send management team in zhejiang tonglu xinhui hotel, according to the contract, to officially take over the hotel, this contract for two years.

Tonglu xinhui hotel in 1997 officially business, is a veteran three-star hotel. Hotel main building high 20 layer, with a total construction area of about 25000 square meters, has 200 rooms, the room is located in the heart of the county road. Since this year, the hotel invested more than three thousand yuan for hardware transformation, the reconstruction project was near the end, the whole hotel face already look brand-new. In order to improve the hardware, the hotel management and service software also can get synchronous ascension, this hotel invited my company to conduct a comprehensive management, in order to realize the goal of hotel is a four-star rise, and the hotel hit to cause tonglu region's most influential one of the hotel.