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14 let etiquette ambassador and the new promotion star etiquette ambassador naming commendation congress is held

Date: 2011-11-21

One 08 November in any 14 etiquette big mission and the new promotion star etiquette ambassador name commendation congress held in the second floor gardens, WangZhaoMei four promotion for the two-star etiquette ambassador, XuLin wait ten a promotion for the star class etiquette ambassador, money CaoRui etc nine reappointment etiquette such as ambassador and YuanPing eleven newly elected etiquette ambassador. After this the naming commendation, the hotel a total of 67 etiquette ambassador, among them, the samsung nine, two star 20 a 18, the etiquette ambassador 20. They all over the guest services of each post, is moved service, bring to guests surprise creator; They covered the logistics some key position, they offered found next process demand, won the next process affirmation and praise. They are center hotel in management, service and management and other aspects one-up force, the hotel also precious wealth; Of course, we also believe that the center hotel is also among them most people career best end-result.

The meeting required, logistics department or GangDian etiquette ambassador and all staff to further enhance "active found next process demand, to next process to bring surprise" consciousness, there will be more etiquette action; The guest services department or GangDian etiquette ambassador and employee implementation etiquette actions must be consistent; Various departments must will etiquette action and daily management of organic combine, improve the etiquette action penetration and give a guest or next process to bring surprise degree.