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2011 annual summary commendation and 2012 work plan for meeting

Date: 2012-02-17

On January 11, 2012 in the morning, I shop in eight LouZiJing hall is held ceremoniously 2011 annual summary commendation and 2012 work deployment and any 15 etiquette ambassador and star etiquette ambassador naming commendation congress. The meeting of the standing deputy general manager by the hotel LiuZhongPing host.

Deputy general manager LiuZhiMing on behalf of the general manager room for the 2011 hotel work are summarized. Lu always said 2011 years have five aspects of progress and the window is worth affirmation: (one) I shop a hotel room day creates income in nanjing ten a high-end hotel top three, more than 2010 years ago into the two; (2) departments formulate, improve the SOP, training achievements; (3) the etiquette action in the guests and industry influence further expand, to increase the hotel customers, improve the reputation effect more apparent; (4) the "new so-called p-five method" management have further ascension, the effect is more significant; (5) eight to ten layer administrative room became a hotel a new bright store, hotel toward the five-star hotel high-quality goods goal again into a big step.

The general manager tan total of 2012's work on the deployment of: (1) the managers of their own direction of development and management of the development direction of the company combined; (2) comply with the world economic development tendency, will profit years as in 2012 the theme of the hotel to work; (3) improve the new operation mechanism, efficiency and development as work spindle; (4) the individual traveler market development as our work goals and work efficiency evaluation scale; (5) the three software as the foundation for hotel development, and so as to promote the sales market and foreign output management; (6) in cooperation with the municipal government of the overall planning, the reform FuChang hotel, in order to further highlight the cultural characteristics of the republic of.

The meeting press "etiquette action article", "new so-called p-five article", "sales article", "innovation article" and "GuanLiPian" to 14 team awards and 66 people recognition. At the same time meeting the ambassador for 15 etiquette and star etiquette the ambassador's name recognition, GanWeiXia (food and beverage department), DongChunGong (food and beverage department), WanPeng (front office), ZhuHaiFeng (front office), YuChunMei (housekeeping department), XieJiuFang (housekeeping department), sun kai (engineering) seven promotion of the first batch of four-star etiquette ambassador, YangYang etc six promotion for the three-star etiquette ambassador, wang lili and three promotion for the two-star etiquette ambassador, cheng beauty such as sichuan eight promotion for the star class etiquette ambassador, such as NiuXiaoE ten reappointment etiquette ambassador and Sue tiny and twelve newly elected etiquette ambassador was elected to the I shop for 15 etiquette ambassador. The naming commendation, hotel etiquette ambassador total number has increased to 76 people. WanPeng and DongChunGong award on behalf of the staff and the first four etiquette the ambassador in conference made a speech.

Congress in a lucky draw after big to drop the curtain.