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Etiquette action speech contest

Date: 2012-09-16

On July 1, 2011 afternoon, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China and etiquette in action 3 anniversary, I shop in eight LouZiJing hall was held at the speech contest etiquette action.

The speech contest from field layout to the activities of the organization and employee participation are very perfect, everyone to participate in the activities of the speech, into the etiquette action culture atmosphere. Speech contest by the front office WanPeng and money CaoRui host, hotel management nine managers act as the judge. Speaking before the start of each department by the hotel team composed of the choir, for party's birthday offered up the there would be no new China without the communist party ", "my motherland" and "unity is strength". The next nine contestants passionate fight-back speech his works. The applause constantly, let everybody to witness the speech competition success, this is not only the speech, but also a etiquette action exchange learning.

The most exciting time is finally released when the winners. Food and beverage department won the "best organization", the front office won the "best actor", the center people refused to mediocrity "won the" best content award ". Food and beverage DuanYan autumn, ZhangNingNing and housekeeping department LiJun won the "third prize", food and beverage XuMei and the finance department of the ZhouYu Yang won the "second prize" and the front office by WangYuLi, money CaoRui, XuLin, ShiWenJun brings the center etiquette praise "won the first prize. The camera also record their victory had a group photo taken of that a moment, the speech contest to drop the curtain success. Believe that the etiquette action at the center of efforts will be more carry forward.