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The ten let etiquette ambassador naming commendation congress

Date: 2012-09-16

On November 4, 2010 afternoon husband 10 etiquette ambassador and the fourth batch of star class etiquette ambassador naming commendation congress in the amethyst hall, front office, housekeeping department ZhangKaiMin LiJun two etiquette ambassador promotion for the star class etiquette ambassador, such as YangJingJing seven etiquette ambassador re-election, ShiWenJun seven employees such as newly elected to etiquette ambassador. The ambassador on behalf of a etiquette LiJun, the newly elected the ambassador on behalf of the etiquette ShiWenJun speaking at the meeting.

The meeting for next stage manners action put forward three requirements: a, all the staff, especially etiquette ambassador carefully understand and familiar with the hotel this restaurant, cloud restaurant the two new products, and the publicity, introduce the two new products, as his part of the work. Second, the evaluation of employee has entered the stage of investigations, hope all the etiquette ambassador can pass. Third, at the end of the quarter, the hotel will be two star etiquette ambassador for appraisal, hope two star etiquette ambassador to a self-evaluation and found insufficient, make a plan, and strive to catch up with, try to become the first three-star etiquette ambassador.