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Our shop etiquette ambassador held toastmasters

Date: 2012-09-16

On August 25, 2009 afternoon etiquette ambassador in toastmasters held gardens, this speech etiquette ambassador have food and beverage ZhuYunYun, shao have flat, the finance department of the HanNing, front office of LiuZhaoJian and ZhuJie. They topic are respectively the etiquette action make valuable staff ", "etiquette action is professional career to the transformation of catalyst", "etiquette action, heart services", "etiquette action let me continuous self improvement, self-improvement", "etiquette action is to will serve perfectly".

Five etiquette ambassador's excellent speech, from different aspects reflect their action to etiquette understanding and sublimation, participate in etiquette action feeling and experience and etiquette action itself bring them joy and fulfillment, purposive simple but profound, case full and accurate and vivid, experience true and touching, and to others is to summarize experience and improve, in man is demonstration enlightenment. Their speech content is the epitome of hotel etiquette action, it is the hotel etiquette action rich and development. This lecture from one reflects etiquette action are increasingly become I shop service brand, be my shop enterprise culture is an important part.