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After 2009 years of dawn

Date: 2012-09-16

January 17, 2009 in the afternoon, I shop 2008 summary commendation and the third let etiquette ambassador named conference was held in the second floor gardens. Meeting the land total hotel in 2008 work summary, liu2 zong3 hotel announced the center hotel about a third term as the ambassador's etiquette naming commendation decision "and" center hotel about 2008 annual advanced individual and advanced team recognition decision ", scene always report it to the 18 reappointment etiquette ambassador of evaluation situation. Tan always with "chase 2009 dawn" issues for the work in 2009 report.

In 2009, the center hotel after twenty years of wind and rain later, from outside to inside and from the form to the space will be great and profound changes. This change will vastly affects our business development direction, will profoundly change the hotel in the industry's overall image. That startling hollow hall, new desk, the new hall, new cafeteria, and "silk road" teahouse, "longmen" bars and "golden hall" project has been built, will greatly improve the competition strength. Year 2009 is a very special year, we must recognize that in the economic situation downturn of the environment, fantasy industry is not influenced by it is not realistic. But, in a weak market, the most affected should be the most are not competitive products and services. Therefore, to improve the competitiveness of the products is to raise the product price, it is to overcome the important core economic crisis. Person altruism has, the human has me good, good I is excellent! This is our trump. In the full of crisis and unlimited business opportunities 2009 years, the more we need commitment and struggle. We want to use your own personal practice to create another brilliant!

The entire assembly is full of joy and peace, inspiring atmosphere.