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The party's 18 nanjing on behalf of cultural and tourism categories into Internet users the reply

Date: 2012-11-20

on October 30,, jiangsu provincial party committee standing committee, nanjing municipal party committee secretary Mr, sinopec yangzi petrochemical - basf limited liability company chairman MaQiuLin, nanjing new street department store co., LTD., secretary of the party committee ZhuAiHua, the 5311 factory machinery optical processing workshop vice secretary ChengJunRong, nanjing qixia qixia district street west flower village community party branch secretary shi lei and five 18 nanjing representative teamed up into the longhu network, small micro video network, south newspaper net, nanjing TV news network, nanjing radio network joint direct broadcasting room, listen to the netizens, citizens heart.

As of October 30, 24, longhu network platform were received for the netizens to post article 4456, a total of 2.5 million people click on page.Nearly users online interactive, questions;South newspaper net received net friend message article 201;Nanjing TV news network, small micro video network received net friend message article 15;Nanjing radio network received message problem article 18.

On November 17,, the tourism culture class got related department detailed reply.