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Three nanjing defensive war veterans common dates back 75 years history

Date: 2012-12-05

  In nanjing city of nanjing resistance, and now living veterans there are only three people: the 88 - year - old LiGaoShan, the 90 - year - old ChengYun, the 92 - year - old LuoZhongYang.5 day morning, the Japanese invading army killed the nanjing massacre memorial hall (jiangdong door memorial hall), LiGaoShan, ChengYun, the daughter of LuoZhongYang LuoDongLing, and nanjing defending martyrdom officers and soldiers survivor common recall KangZhanShi 75 years ago.

  The Japanese aggression against China this year is the 75th anniversary of the nanjing massacre were killed, but also the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of nanjing resistance.The Japanese aggression against China nanjing massacre victims compatriots museum director ZhuChengShan said, now living in the city of nanjing, nanjing resistance in veterans with three people, all is the eight, the ninety - year - old.ZhuChengShan said: "this year on November 26, participated in the 101 - year - old veteran nanjing defensive war in 1937, the second group company commander of the teaching team, strict good luck in his home in China now living within the scope of the veteran digital no statistics."

 LiGaoShan, dressed in green military uniform ChengYun today, in the family, accompanied by early in the morning to jiangdong door memorial hall.Two old men in addition to listening is not so good, the body will be fit, and words clearly.

 Japanese machine gun marking on the window sill, aiming to our head sprays, I compare short, a head shorter than others, dozen gadites are row falling down, and the dead pressure on me. The scene... now recall here, the in the mind is very bad."LiGaoShan the old man said.

 LiGaoShan at the age of 13, 154 in guangdong army division SanYing three company, as batman, 1937 were ordered to others with the department of Shanghai battlefield.Shanghai fall into enemy hands, he's retreat to nanjing, nanjing in defending.On December 13, 1937 nanjing after the fall, he is in Yi jiangmen within the catch, and to the horoscope mountain residence was the Japanese gun strafe, in mass murder, survived after the Japanese grasp to go to pay, then hide into NingHaiLu refugee areas survived.

(war) cold blooded, too cruel, now days, the country rich and powerful, who dare to bully us? Want world peace."LiGaoShan said.

 ChengYun old man said: "want to remember history, don't forget the national humiliation, the Chinese is not only to development, but also accelerate the development of, to unite power, revitalize the economy."

 ChengYun in March 1936 in wuhan point 11 period join the army, assigned to nanjing teaching corps three team five squadron, as second lieutenant platoon leader, 1937 Shanghai fall, retreat to nanjing, nanjing in defending.In December 1937, nanjing after the fall, he refuge in jiangdong door river, escape from nanjing, walk to wuhan original forces to build.

 Nanjing defensive war veterans, eighty-eight t TeWuLian company commander GuoXueLi son of GuoYongZhu, teaching corps second group company commander strict MeiXu good luck, the armed forces WangJi eighty 156 t battery LuoZhongYang soldiers of the female LuoDongLing, sun yat-sen memorial park antivirus, martyrdom martyrs ZhaoZhiGuang granddaughter ZhaoHui etc to participate in discussion.

 Indirectly, memorial hall to the nanjing defensive war veterans and offspring, martyrdom officers and soldiers survivor awarded the shape.

 The reporter understands, December 12,, nanjing defensive war martyrdom general SiTuFei, YiAnHua, ChengZhi posterity, the Japanese invading army killed the nanjing massacre memorial hall donated the general relics